About Us

We are Fully Equipped and Exporting Molds Worldwide

Everything started with well equipped factories, which make works a lot more efficiency and effective. Pro-A has a number of well-known high speed CNC machines to faciliate very speedy mold making process with the highest precision. We shall never compromise on quality and therefore never disappoint you on the quality.   



CNC processing on plastic injection mold  

cnc machining on plastic injection mold 


We have a strong engineering team and quality control team to ensure all processes in the right track. Our system will measure data on each critical process to ensure a right shape will be produced at an acceptable CPK.  

edm processing on plastic injection mold  

wire cut on plastic injection mold 


Our injection molding machines are having robot arms to ensure the most stable output and quality control. For clarity parts, they are produced at a very high standard clean room. We can meet your most demanding requirements.  

large size machining on plastic injection mold   

professional plastic injection molding    

Making mold at overseas can be very costly. You will find lots of cost saving by out-sourcing your tool making needs to us. We complies international standards and exporting large size professional tooling worldwide.  

large size plastic injection mold   


Our management travel frequently worldwide and understand your needs. You will find us very helpful and reliable. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail for a quotation.  


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