Industrial Products

Pro-A’s professionalism & tool making ability.

Pro-A makes all kinds of difficult molds for professional applications using advanced skills and machinery. Samples below are typical examples of what we are doing today. Please feel free to ask if you need to develop something very challenging. Our experience and knowledge will certain help you to tackle your problematic bottlenecks.

Our OEM Experience

  1. Deep Draw
  2. Gears
  3. Hot Runner
  4. In Mold
  5. Metal Insert
  6. Optical & Lens
  7. Rubber Coating
  8. Sealing & Unsealing
  9. Screw & Unscrew
  10. Twin Shot Overmold
  11. 2K Mold

Our OEM Products

  1. Audio
  2. Auto Parts
  3. Mobile Phone
  4. Connectors
  5. DIY cases
  6. Entertainment
  7. Food containers
  8. Functional parts
  9. Gifts & Premium
  10. Household
  11. Medical Parts
  12. Pipes
  13. Power Supply
  14. Power Tools
  15. Safety
  16. Stationery
  17. Telecom

Deep Draw & Gears

deep draw plastic handlePrecision gears

Hot Runner & Metal Insert

Optical & Lens, Rubber Coating

Sealing & Unsealing, Screwing & Unscrewing

Twin Shot Mold

door stop crab stopper

2K Mold

Audio parts

Auto parts

auto partsauto lens

Mobile phone parts


DIY cases

Entertainment / Computer parts

Food containers

Functional parts

Gifts & Premium, Household item

Medical parts

Pipes, Power Supply

screw unscrew pipe GF

Power Tools, Safety Parts



Telecom related