Support to small companies

Message to START UP Companies or Individuals

We fully understand that many start up companies or individuals are having lots of uncertainty and difficulty to overcome. We position ourselves to help them with following ways.

a. Design works

  • We can re-draw their concept/design in a professional way that can be accepted for production purpose.
  • We can modify their concept/design to a way that can meet their needs, but at lower cost.
  • We can offer options for them to consider which is the best to meet their needs.
  • We accept incomplete concept/design such as stl file, hand sketches or even photos with descriptions.
  • We spends time to discuss their concept/design and provide invaluable professional advice.

b. Measuring/Conversion Service

  • We can measure their physical items by CMM machines so as to convert them in 3D CAD file.

c. 3D printing for design review

  • We have 3D printer to provide quick physical review on client’s design as well as a quick evaluation on our suggested modifications.

d. Professional Prototyping

  • We have professional prototyping companies working with us to offer quality prototypes for presentation and client’s evaluation before mass production.

e. Packaging

  • We can help on packaging design, including graphics.

Talk to us and you will find us very helpful. We easy your burden on design/production works and free you up to focus on selling your new products.